In Memory Of

Dutchess von Wilson
December 1997 - March 2007
Dutchess was a great addition to our family. She enjoyed many years of being the queen couch potato. Her favorite past times included visiting McDonalds for cheeseburgers and insisting on removing every squeaker from her chew toys. But when it came time to hunt, she never missed an opportunity to show the other dogs that she still had what it takes (even if it was only for 15 minutes). At 97 lbs., she was a well fed and well loved wirehair. She will be greatly missed.

Cooker was our original "Senior Man of the Kennel." He continued to hunt up until his last days. From his first days in our kennel, he protected our family and his beloved "PINK PIG." He provided many years of happiness and love, and he will always be remembered as a Wilson family member.

2007 UFTA National Amateur Champion

Wilson's Mad Max
Owned by Joey Preston

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